MAZON & Lambi Fund: Rebuilding Rural Haiti

| January 21, 2010

Courtesy Lambi Fund (http://lambifund.org)

Courtesy Lambi Fund (http://lambifund.org)

Since our last update from Haiti, a major aftershock has struck the country, further complicating emergency relief efforts. The mass exodus of survivors away from Port-au-Prince continues to grow, increasing demands on rural communities outside the capital city. We were able to reconnect with Lambi Fund, our long-time grantee in Haiti, to provide another update on what your support has made possible.

Although Lambi Fund is not an emergency relief group, they have been quick to respond to the waves of displaced, hungry people in the countryside. Lambi is forming a regional council to determine local recovery needs, and is gearing up to help peasant farming groups in the Artibonite Valley and North-West Department, where most of its agricultural projects are located. This grassroots relief effort works with strained communities to provide food and essentials for affected residents as well as displaced families and individuals looking for loved ones. The broken infrastructure that has delayed aid delivery to Port-au-Prince has brought almost no food assistance to the growing numbers in need in rural areas. MAZON support drives these efforts, and also helps Lambi work to rebuild rural projects that fell in the earthquake, and look for ways to boost agricultural output so rural communities and families can meet the expanding food needs.

Lambi Fund continues to lead these efforts while recovering from their own major losses. Thankfully, their staff are all safe, and only one of their board members was injured in the earthquake. But they do mourn, alongside their countrymen; they have lost parents, siblings and children. Many projects, including grain and sugar cane mills, tree nurseries and animal herds, were devastated by the earthquake and its aftershocks. Your funds, joined with their strength, provide the seeds for future economic development and Haitian regrowth.

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