Health, Nutrition & Torah: Tzav

| March 24, 2010

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The Torah prohibits human consumption of blood four times.  Jewish tradition forbids the eating of blood.  Isaac Bashevis Singer, a vegetarian, wrote, “Early in my life I came to the conclusion that there was no basic difference between man and animals.  If a man has the heart to cut the throat of a chicken or a calf, there’s no reason he should not be willing to cut the throat of a man.”

Aside from this moral reason, the vegetarian movement makes a strong argument that meat consumption is an inefficient use of the earth’s resources.  It takes approximately 16 pounds of feed to produce one pound of meat.

If people became vegetarian, or even cut back on their meat consumption, greater resources would be available to help the hungry. What types of vegetarian resources, restaurants and grocery sections are available in your area?

Consider your three favorite meat meals and research vegetarian recipe substitutions for each one.

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