Health, Nutrition & Torah: Shmini

| April 7, 2010

The Text;

The Context:

The Jewish dietary laws are given incrementally in the Torah.  Kashrut, the laws of keeping kosher, relate not only to the type of animal but also to the way the animal is slaughtered, soaked, salted and prepared.  In other words, Kashrut is not merely about what something is but also how it is prepared.  The dietary laws are a way of sanctifying the act of eating.  The Jewish people keep kosher because God commands the people to be holy, and this is one of the explicit instructions of how to live that holy life.

What it Means for Advocates:

Research the new heksher being considered in the Jewish world:  “heksher ha-tzedek.”  This Kashrut indicator plans to utilize environmental responsibility and social justice as requirements as well as the traditional Kashrut laws.  How could these guidelines for Kashrut affect the hungry people of the world?

What kosher resources are available where you live?  Are there pantries that provide Kosher food in your city?  Research the resources that kosher pantries need most.

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