Health, Nutrition & Torah: Haazinu

| September 22, 2010

The Text:

No references to hunger or poverty in this parsha.

The Context:

What it Means for Advocates:

What would you select if forced to choose between food or gas?  For too many Americans, the high prices of gasoline and food make for impossible choices every day.  MAZON conducted a study entitled, “Gas or Grub: The impact of high food and fuel costs on America’s hunger relief organizations and the people they help.”  One piece of evidence from the study is that in 2008 food banks paid an average of 12% more than in 2007 for food, yet the amount of food poundage only increased by 3%.  This means there was an approximate 8% increase in the cost of the same quantity of food in one year’s time.

If you own a car and use it as your primary means of transportation, calculate your mileage in a month and your gas bill.  In a separate column calculate all of your food costs.  Tally up the total and determine what percentage of your monthly income you spend on these two items.  Imagine if you had a more fixed income what you might have to do without and how you might cope.

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