Health, Nutrition & Torah: Vayeshev

| December 1, 2010

The Text:

The story of Joseph is the longest single narrative in the Bible.  In a shocking story of betrayal and apathy, Joseph’s brothers throw him into an empty water pit, where he is sure to die.  The text then describes that after stripping Joseph of his tunic, and casting him into the pit:

Genesis 37:25 “Then they sat down to a meal.”

The Context:

The brothers’ action is indifferent and callous.  It is ironic that many years later there is a famine and the brothers need to plead to Joseph for food.  They left Joseph out to die and then need him to ensure their own survival.

What it Means for Advocates:

How often do we turn aside from the everyday horrors of the hungry to then sit down to a meal of our own?  Consider keeping a “hunger kit” in your car.  A box of crackers, flip-top cans of tuna, protein bars, bottles of water, fresh produce.  When you see someone in need, even before they ask, offer them something to eat.  Our meals will taste better knowing we fed someone else as well.

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