A message for Purim

| March 17, 2011

Dear Friend,

It’s almost Purim – a festive time that involves dressing up and wearing masks that hide our true identity. For us these masks are a symbol of heroism, of fighting for what’s right despite the risk involved. But for others, masks serve a different, less joyous purpose. For them wearing a mask is about hiding a painful truth from the world.

Earlier this month, 60 Minutes aired a compelling segment on the increasing number of children in America who go to bed hungry every night. It served as a powerful reminder that we cannot always know a child is hungry simply by looking at her face – that hunger often remains hidden behind a mask.

These children exist in nearly every community in the country. It breaks our hearts.

We hope you will take the time to watch this important news segment:

When 11 year old Destiny says, “And when things get better again, we know that there are still people struggling, so we’ll be able to help out a lot more,” we are reminded why MAZON exists: not only to ensure the availability of resources for Destiny and her family to find help now, but also to create a future in which Destiny will not need to help other children find enough to eat.

Please join our fight.

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