MAZON responds to the crisis in East Africa

| August 10, 2011

As you have certainly heard, East Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 60 years, resulting in a severe food crisis and famine in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. Children are dying and thousands more are on the verge of death due to widespread starvation. The United Nations warns that without immediate and effective humanitarian intervention, famine could quickly spread.

MAZON was founded in 1985 in response to famine in Ethiopia, which killed nearly a million people. We refuse to let that happen again!

Successful navigation of the complex political situation in East Africa will require expert organization and coordination Рthe kind of work that is most efficiently done by those with longstanding presence on the ground. In the case of the current famine in East Africa, MAZON is proud to partner with American Jewish World Service, which has strong existing relationships within the region and can ensure that our assistance  is put to its best and most effective use.

Please click here for a special donation form dedicated to this emergency appeal. Your generosity will help bring food and hope to the starving and desperate people of East Africa.

Thank you.

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