We heart Joshua Malina

| January 30, 2013

Joshua Malina is officially our favorite actor. Not only did he participate in #SNAP4aWeek with us last July and then host our The New Face of Hunger exhibit in October, but he recently asked his friends, family and fans to donate to MAZON in honor of his birthday. (47 in case you are wondering.) He set up a fundraiser through causes (an online platform for fundraising) and even offered up some prizes for the highest donations. We are thrilled to welcome all of the new donors to the MAZON family. 

“MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger represents everything I love about a charitable organization: It is a Jewish movement but helps people regardless of faith and background. It provides grants to those who directly feed hungry people as well as to those who advocate on behalf of responsible government policies. It is progressive, proactive and creative.” 


His cause has raised over $17,000 and if you include the matching gift from NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) it brings the total to over $27,000 – which we think is beyond incredible!

Happy Birthday Joshua, we can’t thank you enough for your continuous support of MAZON! 


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  1. Jeff Rivera says:

     You say Joshua Malina is 47 years old but from the picture he does not look even a day older than 30. When hugely popular celebrities like him become part of a good cause like this then the movement acquires wings, reaches out to lot more people and inspires them to join and contribute to the cause. No cause could be nobler than feeding a hungry mouth. Mazon has done a great job by taken upon itself the responsibility to feed hungry people, irrespective of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. These kind of initiatives are very important and crucial for low or no income groups and large section of populations living in the third world countries.

    More power to Mazen and Malina!

    Jeff Rivera

    Bestselling Author


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