Advocacy in Israel: Obesity & Food Insecurity

| April 4, 2013

Years ago, we began to take notice of the paradoxical relationship between the rates of food insecurity and the growing rates of obesity.  We began to think about whether (and how) we might leverage our role in the anti-hunger community to impact the health of hungry people nationwide. This led us to Healthy Meals, Healthy Options™, our groundbreaking initiative, which is now setting the standard for nutrition-focused food banking in the U.S. We are coming to find that there is a definite need for this program abroad as well.

As we are seeing obesity rates rise around the world, unfortunately we’re not surprised that obesity is affecting more and more Israelis too. 26% of children and 62% of adults in Israel are currently overweight or obese while 19% of the population are considered to be food-insecure.  (continued below)

obesity rates israel

The reasons that obesity affects low-income families at a higher rate go far beyond a lack of access to affordable, healthy foods.  Here are the main 6 reasons according to FRAC (Food and Research Action Center):  (continued below)

6 reasons

We once thought that being overweight was a sign of abundance – now it’s most likely a sign of need. 

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