How to Get Your Synagogue Involved with MAZON

| May 1, 2013


Photo licensed from Creative Commons from flickr user katmeresin

Many MAZON supporters and partner synagogues wonder how they can become more involved in our fight against hunger. Each contribution looks a little different, yet our collective hopes are the same – to eliminate hunger in the United States and Israel.

Here are examples of a few ways in which Adath Jeshurun in Minnetonka, MN has been involved:

            • The synagogue’s initial commitment, which it has maintained for 25 years has been to encourage congregants to donate 3% of what they spend on life-cycle celebrations.
            • The synagogue’s Hesed (Social Action) Committee enthusiastically supports the local emergency hunger response, but have also helped our congregation understand that no amount of canned goods can fully address the scope of the hunger problem, and that we must include advocacy as part of our any anti-hunger effort. 

Adath Jeshurun built its level of commitment with MAZON over a the span of 25 years. We invite you to do the same. All you need to do is find a strategy that fits for you and take that proverbial first step. 

Read the full article in our Spring newsletter. 

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