Q: Does MAZON collect or distribute food?

A: No. MAZON is not a direct service provider. We award general operating support grants to our nationwide network of partners, which allow them to keep their doors open, continue to provide much needed food, and advocate on behalf of hungry people in their community. Our other program work focuses on ensuring that everyone in the United States and Israel has access to the nutritious food they need to thrive.

Q: Where does the money you raise go?

A: MAZON employs three interrelated strategies as part of our holistic approach to ending hunger:

  • Education & Advocacy: We educate the Jewish community about hunger and how best to address this growing problem. We also advocate at the local, state and national levels to ensure that hungry people have adequate access to nutritious food today and that no one goes hungry tomorrow.
  • Partnership Grantmaking: We award more than $3 million in annual financial grants to hundreds of carefully screened anti-hunger organizations. We support food banks, food pantries and hunger advocacy groups working to end hunger in the United States, in Israel and select developing countries.
  • Strategic Initiatives: We create and implement innovative programs that address gaps in the emergency food network, advance knowledge and build capacity within the anti-hunger community.

Q: Do you only give to Jewish organizations?

A: No. MAZON is a Jewish response to hunger, not a response to Jewish hunger. In keeping with the best of Jewish tradition, as well as the Talmudic decree to care for the poor and the stranger, MAZON responds to all in need regardless of race, region, ethnicity or religion. Hunger is a human issue, and MAZON’s mission is to end hunger for all, regardless of faith.

Q: Do you give to any Jewish organizations?

A: Yes. Approximately 20-25% of our domestic grants are awarded to Jewish-sponsored organizations, and many of our international grants support programs in Israel and Jewish communities living in the Diaspora.

Q: Why should I give to MAZON rather than my local food bank?

A: We encourage you not to think of donations to MAZON and your local food bank as an either-or proposition, but rather as complementary ways of fighting hunger. Local emergency food providers work hard to meet the immediate, short-term nutritional needs of hungry people, and they are vitally important to their communities. MAZON is a national organization that has worked for the last 27 years to end hunger for the long-term and on a larger scale. The expertise we’ve acquired gives us a unique perspective on the challenges and potential long-term solutions that can end hunger, and that perspective informs our ongoing program and advocacy efforts. We identify gaps in the current emergency food network and work with our national partners to fill those gaps. Some of our recent efforts include getting more nutritious food into food banks, helping veterans and military families receive food assistance and building capacity within rural and remote food pantries.

Q: How much does MAZON spend on overhead?

A: MAZON is highly efficient. $0.88 of every dollar we raise supports our program work.

Q: How much does a MAZON tribute card cost?

A: MAZON requests a minimum donation of $18 per tribute to cover our costs of printing & shipping.

Q: How quickly are tribute cards mailed out?

A: Tribute cards are mailed out within 1-3 business days of receiving your donation.

Q: Do you share the amount of my donation with the tribute card recipient?

A: No. Unless specifically requested, MAZON will not share the amount of your donation with the recipient.

Q: How can I include MAZON in my simcha?

A: MAZON has a number of materials that can be shared at your event, including place cards, centerpiece cards, and tribute cards. Donors gift a percentage (historically at least 3%) of the cost of their celebration to symbolically “feed the stranger” in our midst. Learn more about MAZON materials here.

Q: Does MAZON rent or share my contact information?

A: MAZON has not and will not share information about our donors, as per our privacy policy. Your privacy is very important to us.

Have a question about our Partnership Grantmaking? Visit our Partnership Grantmaking FAQ page.