MAZON Mission to South Africa, Day 3

| January 24, 2008

The MAZON mission started our day visiting one of our newer grantees: African Solutions for African Problems (ASAP). ASAP works at training women in the townships to care and feed for HIV AIDS children. We were all impressed with the level of commitment that the leadership that one individual can make. ASAP has been working Read More

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MAZON Mission to South Africa, Days 1 & 2

| January 23, 2008

The MAZON mission members have arrived safely in Cape Town, South Africa and we hit the road running.  On our first full day we did a site visit and volunteer work for an organization called the WAREHOUSE, which is operated by the Anglican Church. The executive director, Craig Stewart, gave us an overview of their Read More


Yom Kippur D’Var Torah

| October 5, 2007

Cry Aloud, kra b’garon – from the throat. Hold nothing back, Shout as loud as the Shofar. Sh’ma Israel! Wake up! God puts these words in Isaiah’s mouth. He cried out to his people – the Israelites who were doing what we do today – hurting each other, living small lives. Caught up in greed, Read More

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United In Common Cause

| June 28, 2007

I was in our nation’s capital recently for a series of events surrounding National Hunger Awareness Day.  The purpose of the observance is to raise consciousness about the 35 million Americans, including over 12 million kids, who face hunger in this country every day. But the day is about more than just raising awareness.  It’s Read More

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