The Shop on Main Floor

| May 4, 2009

The woman who runs the small market downstairs lost her lease. They gave her 25 days notice; last Friday was the 25th. Ironically, it was May Day, a day in which many gathered to celebrate immigrant workers & downtrodden laborers such as her. I don’t know for a fact that this woman is an immigrant Read More

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

| April 29, 2009

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5FU-yDC-uI] When 8-year old Bruno leaves the bustling city of Berlin, he finds his new country home to be a virtual prison. His friends are back in the city, his Kommandant father won’t stop fighting with his mother about work duties, and his sister washes away in a sea of patriotism. He even misses school, Read More

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| February 19, 2009

Purim is my favorite holiday, and not just for the spinning graggers & delicious hamantashen. The megillah is an inspiring story of Jewish unity amidst insurmountable struggle. When the wicked Haman threatens brave Mordechai, he turns his wrath not only against him, but the entire Jewish population. In response, noble Queen Esther fasts for three Read More

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Save Darfur

| November 12, 2008

The genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region remains the most vicious of our time. The Sudanese Armed Forces, anti-government rebel groups & Janjaweed militias continue to clash, killing hundreds of thousands with no end in sight. This explosion of violence reverberates into continuing crisis for over 2.5 million Darfuri refugees, innocent people caught without food, shelter Read More

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