Knowledge is power.

We encourage you to learn about the prevalence of hunger, to explore the depth and complexity of the issue, and to embrace the Jewish responsibility to care for the poor and the stranger.

How much do you know about Hunger and Feeding in the Torah?

Test your knowledge and share what you learn with your family. Download the Hunger & Feeding in the Torah Quiz & Discussion.

How Much Do You Know About Hunger and Poverty in America?

Test your knowledge of food insecurity in America. Download the Hunger & Poverty in America Quiz. Download the Hunger & Poverty Quiz in America Answer Key.

Hunger Related Quotes From the Torah

Our Jewish texts tell us that poverty is one of the worst injustices in the world. Download Hunger Related Quotes and Text from the Torah.

B’nai Mitzvah Projects

MAZON has a brand new program that will help you incorporate an anti-hunger message into this important milestone in your life. Visit our B’Nai Mitzvah Projects page for details.

Looking for ideas to raise money to help MAZON fight hunger?

Our important work would not be possible without your commitment and support. Here some ideas of things you can do to raise money for MAZON.

For information on programming or activities, please contact our Youth Outreach Coordinator: or (424) 208-7206.