MAZON encourages you to take action to fight hunger at the holidays and throughout the year.

Around the Jewish holidays

Our observance of the Jewish holidays links us together in an unbroken chain stretching back thousands of years and establishes our connection to future generations.

But their purpose is not purely commemorative. As we relive historical triumphs and profound suffering, as we express gratitude for the bounty of our harvests and the comforts in our lives, we are also presented with an urgent challenge: recalling the past to perfect the present, and strengthening the world around us by putting our faith into action.

Jewish holidays are a guide to ethical living. Their themes have endured for thousands of years because they speak to what’s good in all of us: our desire to build community, to exist in harmony with our natural environment and each other, and to create societies driven by justice and compassion. We make these things happen, and we do it – together – through activism and advocacy.

MAZON has created projects that links hunger-related education and advocacy with the Jewish holidays. You can download the entire No Holiday from Justice curriculum or select a specific holiday below:


Slavery, Freedom, and Everything Between: The Why, How and What of Passover 

Like all Jewish festivals, Passover has its roots in Jewish history, in our connection to creation and in the rich spiritual and moral values of Judaism. Passover beckons us to embrace and expand freedom. The authors of this collection explore the themes and commitments of the most-celebrated Jewish holiday, one that contains amazing ingredients to fix the world. All proceeds from the sale of this book support MAZON. Buy the book here. 


All Year Long

A Nutritious Meal

Think it’s easy to maintain a nutritious diet on SNAP (food stamps)? This activity challenges students to plan a dinner for a family of four on a typical SNAP budget. Download A Nutritious Meal curriculum.

Meal in the Life

When SNAP (food stamps) benefits run out before the month is over, many families turn to the emergency food network (food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, etc.) for help. This activity challenges students to plan a week of meals from a list of foods often found at food banks. Download the Meal in the Life curriculum.

Hunger and Feeding in the Torah

How much do you know about hunger and feeding in the Torah? Test your knowledge with our quiz, complete with answers and discussion ideas. Download the Hunger & Feeding in the Torah Quiz & Discussion.

Hunger and Food in our Tradition

Lesson plans including prayers, discussion questions and responses, and relevant texts on the topics of hunger and food in the Jewish traditions. Download the Hunger & Food in Our Tradition Lesson Plans.


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