B’Nai Mitzvah Program

MAZON’s B’Nai Mitzvah Program encourages students to find personally meaningful ways to incorporate tzedakah (charity/justice) into their new lives as adults.

Our program is designed for students to mix and match tzedekah & tikkun olam opportunities to create a partnership with MAZON that is unique for each young adult. Learn more about our program offerings, or contact our Youth Outreach Coordinator, at youthoutreach@mazon.org.


Other simchas or life-cycle celebrations

(weddings, engagement parties, anniversary parties, graduations, brit milot and
baby namings, retirement parties, etc.)

Caring for the poor has been part of Jewish life-cycle celebrations since Abraham and Sarah first opened the sides of their tents and provided food and drink to all who passed by. In the shtetls of Eastern Europe, wedding feasts were not permitted to begin until the poor of the community had been served their meals.

When Jews came to America from every corner of the world, they carried a wealth of Jewish traditions. Chief among these was the obligation to ensure that people suffering from hunger had access to food.

In our modern world, we cannot invite every hungry person in our communities to join our celebrations. But there is a way to uphold this ancient tradition symbolically – by donating a portion of the cost of your event to MAZON.

We are happy to provide MAZON materials to include at your simcha.

Table cards
Many reception hosts symbolically invite MAZON to their celebration by displaying our table cards. We have two sizes available – individual place cards (2” x 4” when folded) for each guest and centerpiece cards (6 ¼” x 4 ½” when folded) to display in the middle of each table.


Tzedakah Boxes
The giving of Tzedakah (charity, righteousness) is a fundamental Mitzvah in the Jewish tradition. MAZON Tzedakah boxes can be used in your synagogue, your classroom and in your home. The Tzedakah boxes are also perfect to include during your holiday celebrations, Simchas and fundraising events.

A note about Simcha Campaigns: If you plan to ask your guests to donate to MAZON in lieu of gifts for you, please contact MAZON well in advance so that we can set up a campaign to track the donations we receive on your behalf. For those using wedding websites or sending invitations or announcements online, MAZON can even set up a unique donation page dedicated to your event.

For more information on Simcha Campaigns, please contact us at mazon@mazon.org.

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