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5 Ways MAZON is Fighting Hunger Among Active Duty Military and Veteran Families



Veterans Day Twitter Chat

MAZON and Military Officers Association of America joins MomsRising #FoodFri Twitter chat to raise awareness about food insecurity among active duty military and veteran families. 



We're asking the wrong question

Most of our response to hunger in America is wrong.



Child Nutrition Reauthorization: What You Won't See On the Nightly News

As Congress begins its post summer work, the debate and consideration of the reauthorization of our nation's child nutrition programs has also begun. Not surprisingly, their process seems both confusing and a bit secretive. 



MAZON files Amicus Curiae brief in The American Legion et al. v. McDonald

Providing access to food is the least this nation owes to its returning and injured soldiers.


Charity Alone 2

We will never food bank our way out of hunger

Among the myths about hunger in America frequently repeated is the notion that it is better for local charities to feed people, not the government. 


Native American Hunger feat

Rural Work: Hunger Among Native American Communities


Year End Spending Bill feat 320

What Happened in D.C. at Year's End?


50 Years of SNAP Featured

50 Years of SNAP!

The “modern” version of the food stamp system was created 50 years ago. What is SNAP? Why was it created and who uses it?


My Year on Food Stamps Photo

My Year on Food Stamps and What the Cuts to SNAP Will Mean

With the passing of the Agricultural Act of 2014, I feel it especially important to share my personal story of food insecurity.


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