MAZON believes that we can end hunger in America and Israel by taking a holistic approach – by doing what we can to ensure that the immediate needs of hungry people are met today while also working to develop and advance long-term solutions so that no one goes hungry tomorrow.

We employ three interrelated strategies – education and advocacy, partnership grantmaking and strategic initiatives – which symbolize our desire to embody twin Jewish ideals: tzedakah (justice) and tikkun olam (healing the world).

Education and Advocacy:

MAZON empowers synagogues and the broader Jewish community with information and resources so they can advocate on behalf of the growing number of hungry people in their communities. Learn more about our Education and Advocacy.


Partnership Grantmaking:

MAZON makes annual partnership grants to carefully screened partner organizations that help us to advance our mission in their communities. Learn more about our Partnership Grantmaking.


Strategic Initiatives:

MAZON develops and implements strategic initiatives designed to advance knowledge and capacity within the anti-hunger community. Learn more about our Strategic Initiatives.