For over 20 years, MAZON has been awarding financial grants to organizations in Israel to support their efforts to end hunger in the Jewish state. But the depth and strength of our relationships with those partners were limited because of the physical distance (more than 7,000 miles from our headquarters in Los Angeles) and the time difference (9+ hours). Recently, we initiated a new effort to assess the feasibility of strengthening MAZON’s impact on food insecurity among Israelis. For the last five months, C & K Hecht Consulting* has been our eyes and ears on the ground, gathering invaluable information about the activities of our partners, the prevalence of food insecurity in Israel, and the feasibility of promoting solutions through advocacy. Here is a short synopsis of their findings so far. You will find more in-depth information on our blog series: Advocacy in Israel


* C & K Hecht Consulting is headed by Ken Hecht, former Executive Director of California Food Policy Advocates for 20 years.