Marla Feldman

Senior Program Director

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Marla Feldman is the Senior Program Director for MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. Since joining the organization in 2002, Marla has been leading efforts to promote positive health outcomes and improve access to nutritious food for low-income communities. Marla spearheaded national initiatives, such as Healthy Options, Healthy Meals, which encouraged food banks to prioritize nutrition and implement strategies to procure and distribute healthier food through the charitable food system. Most recently, she led a national food bank study summarized in the research report A Tipping Point: Leveraging Opportunities to Improve the Nutritional Quality of Food Bank Inventory. Prior to joining MAZON, Marla spent nearly a decade managing small business development programs with the African Development Foundation and the Peace Corps. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Communications from the University of Maryland.

Articles by Marla Feldman

The Paradox of Corporate Food Donations

For years, we’ve been working with food banks across the country to implement nutrition policies that promote the distribution of more nutritious food and discourage the distribution of junk food and soda. Despite the food banks’ impressive efforts, their progress in this area raises a new and unexpected dilemma: what to do about unhealthy and unwanted donations from corporate donors.