Advocacy is at the heart of everything we do.

For 30 years, we have been building an army of anti-hunger advocates. If everyone becomes an advocate and speaks up, we can achieve our goal of systemic change.

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We work with:

response u.s. partners

U.S. Grantee Partners

We support the advocacy work of organizations advancing long-term solutions in their communities.

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  • Provide funding to over 200 traditional and nontraditional partners, including food banks, legal services, and advocacy organizations working to end hunger
  • Provide training and resources to strengthen local, state and national food and nutrition programs
  • Utilize insight from partners to inform and leverage our own advocacy priorities

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response israeli partners2

Israel Grantee Partners

We build the capacity of Israeli anti-hunger advocates and emergency food providers to address and prevent food insecurity among all Israeli citizens.


  • Provide funding to anti-hunger organizations working on hunger issues in their communities and nationally
  • Develop and deliver technical assistance to strengthen the advocacy skills, knowledge and impact of Israel's anti-hunger network

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response targeted communities

Targeted Communities

We develop and implement strategic initiatives designed to encourage the anti-hunger community to effectively address emerging issues. 


  • Promote access to more nutritious food in food banks and the emergency food network
  • Help low-income seniors get the nutrition assistance benefits they need
  • Address the growing problem of food insecurity among military families

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response policy makers


We work with local, state and federal leaders to protect and strengthen federal nutrition programs and advocate for public policies that address the root causes of hunger. 


  • Advocate for smart and effective public policies to eliminate hunger and its causes
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen nutrition assistance programs
  • Lead national initiatives and campaigns to engage concerned individuals and community groups

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response synagogues


We have a network of nearly 1,000 synagogue who mobilize their congregations and their communities to help us end the injustice of hunger. 


  • Visit partner synagogues all over the country to raise awareness about hunger
  • Explore ways to engage the Jewish community to advocate for effective hunger policies 
  • Create educational tools and activities for students of all ages

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response students teachers

Students & Teachers

We provide resources for students and teachers. 


  • Create tools and learning experiences for students of all ages - from K-12

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response stateadvocacyprojects

State Advocacy Projects

Our MAZON Advocacy Projects (MAP) extend the importance of advocacy to our partner synagogues and their communities. 


  • Unite synagogues, grantees and like-minded advocates into a powerful constituency
  • Identify a specific hunger-related issue within each community

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response public

The Public

We educate the public about the severity of hunger in the U.S. and Israel. 


  • Create advocacy campaigns
  • Dispel myths about who is hungry
  • Empower students of all ages to become advocates

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