MAZON Reacts to 2013 Farm Bill Proposals in Congress

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MAZON Reacts to 2013 Farm Bill Proposals in Congress

Los Angeles, May 13, 2013—Abby J. Leibman, President & CEO at MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger today issued this statement in response to Farm Bill proposals that will be considered this week by the Senate and House Agriculture Committees:

“We are shocked by proposals in Congress to drastically cut assistance to Americans who don’t know when or where they will get their next meal. It is quite simply outrageous that Members of Congress have targeted the most vulnerable Americans in their new iterations of the Farm Bill.

Rather than embracing the bi-partisan, balanced approach used for decades by their predecessors, , in which they rejected increases in hunger or poverty in the name of deficit reduction, leaders in this Congress have mired the Farm Bill in misguided attempts to realize budget savings that would do real harm to vulnerable people across the country.

SNAP has proven time and again that it is a vital and efficient program – one that has successfully realized its purpose: to prevent Americans from going hungry during this extended time of economic downturn. As the economic crisis continues and millions of families struggle to get back on their feet, SNAP has been a literal lifeline for them. Still, many legislators seem to be focused not on why the millions need such help but rather on what it costs to help them. They are blinded by the large price tag, which they then use as justification for slashing the program.

The growth in costs for SNAP reflects the reality that millions of Americans continue to struggle through a painfully slow recovery. SNAP spending is projected to contract in the coming years as the economy recovers and more people get back on their feet. Rather than attempting to solve our nation’s financial problems with a sledgehammer, we urge our legislators in Washington to take a more discriminating approach and to engage in a thoughtful conversation about where they might find real efficiencies in governmental spending.

Surely our leaders can find more appropriate ways to improve our collective financial woes than by making Draconian cuts that will tragically increase hunger and food insecurity.”

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