Gloria Greengard

Why I Give

We love it when donors come up with creative ways to incorporate tzedakah day in day out. Gloria Greengard is doing just this. 

After hearing about MAZON at Temple Isaiah in West Los Angeles, Gloria was inspired to turn mindless snacking into an opportunity to give back. For the last 12 years (yes, 12!) each time Gloria eats a snack at work, she marks a tally on a post-it. When the tally marks reach 50, she sends a gift to MAZON and starts the whole process over again.  

Not only do her gifts to MAZON make a difference in the lives of others, but her post-it serves as a visual reminder that not everyone has access to snacks – or even meals - when they are hungry.

Giving to MAZON has become a part of my life. At my temple, we are taught that if you’re fortunate, you should share it with others. While we donate to other charities, giving the ‘snack money’ to MAZON just seems like the pragmatic thing to do.

Snacking has never been so meaningful!