Rabbi Jill Borodin and Cary Atlas

It’s a basic halachic requirement that everyone have enough nutritious food  to eat.

Why We Give

When Jill and Cary were planning their wedding, they opted to host an affair that allowed them to extend their blessings forward in a far-reaching way.  

“We feel so fortunate, and we wanted to share the blessings we have by symbolically inviting those who are less fortunate to our joyous simcha,” Jill and Cary shared with us. (Which is precisely the idea upon which MAZON was founded.)

Instead of registering for gifts, the couple “registered” with four charities: a local organization (Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle, their synagogue); a national organization (MAZON); an organization in Israel (New Israel Fund) and an organization with global impact (American Jewish World Service) asking their guests to make a contribution to one of the organizations in lieu of gifts. 

MAZON was a natural choice because hunger is an important issue for both of them. “If you’re hungry you can’t really do anything. You can’t think, you can’t be productive…and it’s so easy to all of a sudden find yourself in a position of food insecurity. MAZON is a meaningful organization to us because we value the importance of both providing immediate assistance and working to create long-term solutions to end hunger.”

What would they like to pass on to others?  “Far too often we focus on taking care of ourselves first. And in this world of abundance, it is our responsibility to care.  We all live in a better world when no one is hungry. We have the ability to change lives.”