Rabbi Seth & Margot Stander

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Why We Give

In our era of abbreviated text messages, a personalized note might seem like an ancient relic. But Rabbi Seth and Margot Stander know personalized notes mean a lot to those who receive them. That’s why they have been sending MAZON tribute cards to loved ones for nearly 13 years. 

“Our family and friends are scattered geographically, but close in our hearts. We make donations to MAZON and send them MAZON tribute cards to let them know we are thinking of them and appreciate the impact they have had in our lives."

The Standers’ tributes are typically sent around Jewish holidays, especially during the Days of Awe, Chanukah and Passover, but they also like to send MAZON tributes to honor birthdays and special occasions or even as small tokens of their affection. The greetings allow them to multiply themitzvah by adding an act of chesed to an act of tzedakah.  

Why include a donation to MAZON when they could just as easily send a note by card or email? “Because we think about food every single day... Hunger is an important issue because it’s not hard to imagine,” Margot explains. 

The Standers’ generosity touches more than just the tribute recipients - it touches us all.