Sy & Susan Sperling

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Why We Give

Sy Sperling learned at an early age that sharing abundance, no matter how much, is an important value to uphold. Although his mother and father had close to nothing, they spent every Sunday on the Lower East Side of Manhattan collecting money for the poor. His parents set an example that Sy knew he would have to incorporate into his own life.

Jewish scripture tells us to leave 10% of our fields to the poor and vulnerable. Giving to MAZON is our modern-day interpretation of leaving the corners of the field for hungry people to glean.

As his business ventures grew, Sy and his wife Susan continued the Jewish tradition of caring for the most vulnerable. Because helping others is such an important mission in their lives, the Sperlings decided to join the MAZON Legacy Society by including MAZON in their estate plans with a charitable trust. Giving generously will most certainly serve as a Sperling legacy.