The Gleich Family

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Sometimes, without the slightest bit of intention, a child can remind us of how important it is not just to see that which makes us uncomfortable, but also that we can do something about it. 

“Elizabeth and I were walking in New York City on a particularly frigid day and she asked to borrow some money. I asked why and as she glanced towards a man sitting on the steps of a church she told me that she wanted to buy him coffee and a sandwich,” Stuart Gleich recalls. That single gesture, a grand one for a 10-year-old, turned into something much greater and with lasting effect on their family.   

After that cold day in NYC, Stuart, his wife Debra, and their children Elizabeth and Joshua started giving to MAZON, a tradition they’ve upheld for the last 20 years. They learned about our work through their synagogue, Temple Rodeph Torah of Western Monmouth, NJ and appreciate that while we are a Jewish response to hunger, we work to end hunger among all faiths and backgrounds. 

The Gleich family embraces the idea that giving should be a habit - part of their every day effort to realize Tikkun Olam. “We live in a tough world. If you have food, clothes, a warm home…you are blessed and you should find a way to give. Give what you can, small amounts grow into large amounts over time,” Stuart urges. 

Giving has become routine for us and we give by sending tribute cards. We send them for joyous occasions, for congratulations, and in sympathy. And no matter what the occasion – happy or sad – the recipients are always thrilled. It means so much to them and also for us - we’re able to help those who need it.

L’dor V’dor (from generation to generation) certainly rings true for giving in the Gleich family.