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Why Social Action on Purim? 

The story of Purim teaches us the importance of advocacy, justice and community. We celebrate by retelling the story of Mordechai and the noble QueenEsther and how they protected the Jewish people when wicked Haman threatened to kill them all. By using her voice to speak out on behalf of her community, Queen Esther enacted change and convinced King Ahashverosh to save the Jewish community.

The celebration of Purim is the perfect opportunity to use your own voice, as Queen Esther used hers, to protect the hungry people in your community. By serving as a voice for the voiceless, you can help create change and rewrite the story of hunger.


  • Give a speech at your synagogue about the importance of feeding those who are hungry. 
  • Find a MAZON petition and collect signatures from family, friends, classmates and neighbors. 
  • Tap into your creativity by using your voice to make a video or write a blog post. Share your interpretation of how the Purim story relates to hunger issues and send the blog post or video to MAZON. 
  • Write a letter to your local government representative about what you know about hunger and what you'd like them to do to help those who are hungry. 
  • Organize a creative fundraiser for MAZON. 

Download Purim PDF