May 26, 2010

Acting President Barbara H. Bergen Responds to LA Times Editorial on Global Hunger

By Sarah Steinberg

Acting president barbara bergen photo

Courtesy Lambi Fund (

Last week, the Los Angeles Times ran an editorial on the Obama administration’s response to the global food crisis, “The Starving Can’t Wait“. MAZON’s Acting President, Barbara H. Bergen, responded with the following letter, which also ran in the Times’ letters section yesterday:

The Times has pinpointed both the need to combat global hunger and potential remedies.

We have long acted on the premise that supporting local efforts to grow and sell foodstuffs is more effective in the long term than sending food from the United States. One of MAZON’s grantees in Haiti uses our funds to support a sustainable agriculture program. That program is designed to increase the food and economic security of peasant farmers by providing funds, seeds, tools and training and to increase the skills and knowledge of project leaders, especially women.

The result of these efforts has been improvement in economic conditions, increased availability of food, reduction in soil erosion and increased gender equity. Public and private efforts to replicate these programs have the potential to reduce world poverty and increase national and international security.

Thanks to the LA Times for their coverage of this critical issue, and for running Barbara’s response.

The grantee Barbara refers to is the Lambi Fund of Haiti. For over a decade, we have worked with them to help Haitians feed Haitians through sustainable agriculture projects and grassroots economic development. Earlier this year, we rejoined with them to rebuild after the massive Haitian earthquake. With your support, we look forward to continuing our work with them to keep providing a hand up in the long recovery.