May 14, 2014

B’Nai Mitzvah Projects: Spring 5774

Bnai Mitzvah projects photo 3

We’re so grateful for our young MAZON supporters, like these three, who included us in their special celebrations! Mazel tov Sophie, Rachel and Stacey! Read about their inspiring projects: 

Bnai Mitzvah projects photo 1

Sophie Loesberg: 

My Mitzvah Project was a bake-a-thon that I held at my home with a few of my close friends. We baked lots of goods and sold them at my temple. We then donated the proceeds to MAZON.

I chose MAZON for my Mitzvah Project because I believed in what they stood for and wanted to make a difference in the world.

Bnai Mitzvah projects photo 2

Rachel Feinblatt

Living in New York City with food on my plate for every meal makes me feel fortunate because not many people are as fortunate as me. I based my mitzvah project off of cooking, because I love to cook. From family meals to baking, I always am having fun with the various desserts I love. My project included gathering friends and families recipes, old and young, and assembling a cookbook that was sold for $18. It was pretty successful. I was very proud to have raised over $1,000! I decided to donate the money to MAZON.

Mazon caught my eye because it is a nonprofit organization that not only feeds starving people but gives them a healthy start and a “new beginning.” I couldn’t think of a better place to donate the money to!

Bnai Mitzvah projects photo 3

Stacey Gussak: 

I raised funds for MAZON at my synagogue’s community Passover seder. I prepared a poster board with Mazon facts and myths about hunger. Each table had printed information about MAZON and MAZON tzedekah boxes. My Rabbi and Cantor helped me in explaining the importance of inviting guests who are hungry, not only at Passover, but all year round. In my Bat Mitzvah invitation, I inserted a card asking each guest to bring non-perishable food items for a local food pantry. I also volunteered at the local food pantry in St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Mohegan Lake, NY.

My mitzvah project was to raise awareness about hunger in our nation, and especially in my own community. I loved the idea of incorporating MAZON into the Passover seder as the fifth question on that night. It really opened everyone’s eyes to the problem of hunger in the United States, and how we, as Jews, are bound by tenets in Torah to help those in need.