July 16, 2014

MAZON at Camp!

Mazon at camp photo 3

Summer is here! Summer is here! 

We’re ecstatic that our youth work is again taking us to summer camps around the country. The days are long, but teaching youth about hunger, advocacy, and our work at MAZON is awfully inspiring.

Mazon at camp photos 1

What exactly are we doing? Our camp program combines learning and interactive activities to heighten awareness of hunger and provide examples of ways kids can get involved (and make a difference!) in anti-hunger work.

Mazon at camp photo 2

We connect the issue of hunger to Jewish texts and campers learn about the causes and consequences of hunger, and consider the difficult decisions hungry people must make every single day. The campers learn about our work at MAZON, why advocacy is so important and how they can participate in advocacy work.


Mazon at camp photo 3

We’re so honored to teach youth about the issue of hunger and advocacy work and we’re always blown away by their knowledge and passion.

If we didn’t visit your camp but you’d still like to get involved with our youth work, check out our B’Nai Mitzvah Projects!