April 21, 2020

MAZON President & CEO Abby J. Leibman Pens Letter to the New York Times Editor

By MAZON Staff
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Click here to read this letter to the editor in the New York Times.

To the Editor:

Re “Facing Food Insecurity on the Front Lines” (news article, April 10):

There is no question that food banks and pantries are on the front lines to deliver what they can to those who are facing food insecurity because of the virus. There is also no doubt that they alone cannot meet the ongoing needs of those who are struggling, regardless of how much food is donated and distributed by hardworking staff and volunteers.

Only the federal government has the resources to meet this need. Even before the pandemic, nearly 40 million Americans relied on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps).

After the pandemic, millions more must rely on federal assistance to put food on the table. Congress and the administration must improve access to SNAP, increase the benefit amount and allow SNAP to be used for online grocery orders.

These are not onerous or outrageous suggestions; they are as obvious as they are necessary. It’s the only way to truly meet the needs of those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Abby J. Leibman
Los Angeles
President and CEO of MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.