November 18, 2011

MAZON urges you to make your voice heard

It appears we may have reached a crossroads in our history as a nation. How we proceed – how our elected representatives act on our behalf – will not only affect the quality of life for tens of millions of Americans, but also could determine the competitiveness of our economy for generations to come.



Hunger in America has never been more prevalent. And yet, for the first time in generations, funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps) could be in jeopardy. SNAP has historically enjoyed bipartisan support and protection. But the recent stalemate about the debt ceiling, and the “supercommittee” it spawned, has put the fate of this highly effective program – and the 46 millions of Americans who rely on it – at risk.
As this threat to nutrition programs has loomed large, MAZON has embraced its leadership role within the Jewish community and in the anti-hunger field. We have taken a firm public position in published editorial articles in major newspapers across the country. We encourage you to read these articles by clicking the appropriate link below:

What they’re not saying about hunger in America
- Des Moines Register, 8/30/11

Putting Jewish values on poor Americans’ dinner tables
- j. The Jewish news weekly of Northern California, 10/6/11

Americans need supercommittee to maintain food assistance
- Detroit Free Press 11/2/11

Where not to cut the budget
- Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/5/11

We will continue to fight to preserve the vital support that allows so many of our fellow Americans to put food on the table. But we also need your help!

Join us by raising your voice as an advocate for the 46 million Americans who need our help. Urge your elected officials to preserve funding for the nutrition programs that prevent mass starvation in our country. Write, email, or call to remind them that you will not stand for the budget to be balanced on the backs of the most vulnerable among us.

Together, we can transform how it is into how it should be.


  • Dial the toll-free number: 1-877-698-8228
  • When prompted, enter your zip code.
  • Listen to the brief instructions, and you will be patched through to your Senator’s office automatically.

Once you’ve been connected to the first office, deliver this message:

Please weigh in with the Super Committee personally and urge them to reject any proposals that would cut anti-hunger programs like SNAP, TEFAP, CSFP, or WIC or other child nutrition programs during the deficit reduction process. Our nation cannot afford to increase hunger in America.

After the call, stay on the line. You will be automatically connected to your remaining legislators’ offices.