April 24, 2017

MAZON's Answer to "Alternative Facts"

By Miriam K. Tohill

There has been much discussion in the media lately about facts, “alternative facts,” and fake news. As a Program Associate at MAZON, I work to better understand the reality of hunger in America and help MAZON educate the community about that reality. It is my pleasure to present you with MAZON’s answer to fake news: This Is Hunger

  1. This Is Hunger breaks down hunger into stories we can understand. “End world hunger” is a big goal to wrap your head around. “Bill lost his job, and needed support putting food on the table” is a story that’s compelling and digestable.

  2. This Is Hunger is accessible and engaging. Built on photojournalism, the exhibit informs you and provides tools to share what you learned with others. Thanks to the selfie station, you can share catchy (and accurate) graphics about present and pressing national hunger issues.

  3. This Is Hunger invites you to sit and discuss a difficult issue, with friends and neighbors and strangers at one table, together. You share an emotional experience together. Each of you brings something to the table, and together your differences of life experience, opinion, and relationship to hunger are an asset in problem-solving and in truth-finding.

  4. This Is Hunger tells unavoidable truths. The subjects of This is Hunger share their truths about their challenges with food-insecurity. Listening to the stories of their lived experiences is a powerful way to engage with the truth. This is hunger. This is our truth.  

I hope you will choose to engage in this vital work at hand, supported by these narratives that are compelling, intimate, and above all, true. The truth can be hard to hear, but it is valuable. We aren’t obligated to complete the hard work that the truth reveals, but we are obliged to start it.