February 07, 2013

Our Commitment to Justice – Words from our Founder

We recently came across an article that our founder, Leonard Fein, had written in 1988 just a short few years after he started MAZON. As are all of Leibel’s writings, it is powerful and insightful, and that fact alone would be reason enough to share it with you. But that’s not actually why we’re posting it on our website now.  Rather, we post this essay because it reminds and inspires us to know that MAZON’s commitment to justice has very deep roots:

“Comes the question: Can we move from the language of kindness to the language of justice? Can we move from philanthropic sensibility to political commitment? Hunger (especially hunger in the United States) is not so much a tragedy as it is a scandal (there being, in fact, enough food for all). And because that is so, the problem of hunger is not a problem that can readily be solved by charity. Hunger exists not because food is lacking, but because the will to justice is lacking.”

Read the full article here.