December 21, 2009

Roadmap to End Child Hunger by 2015 Released

Roadmap to end child hunger photo

Roadmap to end child hunger photo

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On December 17, the National Anti-Hunger Organizations (NAHO), of which MAZON is a member, released the Roadmap to End Childhood Hunger in America by 2015, which recommends nine steps that will collectively eliminate child hunger in the United States.

From NAHO’s press release announcing the Roadmap: “President Obama has set the ambitious but achievable goal of ending child hunger in the United States by 2015. According to a report released last month by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one in four U.S. children is food insecure, living in a family that struggles to put food on the table. Children who do not get enough to eat suffer physical, cognitive, academic, emotional, and social consequences. The reduced health and educational outcomes resulting from child hunger have lifelong consequences for children, their families, and our country.

The National Anti-Hunger Organizations (NAHO) fully support the administration’s goal and recommend the steps necessary to achieve it in the Roadmap to End Childhood Hunger in America. Because the solution to child hunger requires economic opportunity, income supports, and a nutritional safety net, the Roadmap recommendations involve multiple federal, state and local agencies, nonprofits, private, and individual efforts. NAHO believes the United States can be free of childhood hunger by 2015 and is working to effect the policy solutions outlined in their new report.”

You can read the Roadmap at (PDF). Now start traveling it. Moving step by step, we can end childhood hunger in America.

NAHO member & longtime MAZON grantee FRAC and the Child Nutrition Forum are drafting a letter to move Child Nutrition Reauthorization forward and keep the funds in the budget. They’ve set an ambitious March 15 goal. YOU CAN HELP – urge your Members of Congress to strengthen child nutrition safety nets and end childhood hunger in America!

For the latest updates on FRAC’s work for Child Nutrition, visit For tips on how to reach out to Members of Congress, read our blogs Advocacy is Easy and Tweet For Child Nutrition. Replace bill names & numbers with the info from FRAC!