February 09, 2017

SNAP Series #1: We Cannot Stand Idly By...

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The new Administration has spoken. And it is clear from the recent executive orders and policy prescriptions under consideration that this Administration and Republican leaders in Congress are ready and willing to wage a war on the most vulnerable among us. MAZON will not stand idly by and allow this to happen. In fact, we are expecting Congress to begin an attack on SNAP at any time. SNAP – the cornerstone of the nutrition safety net, was created decades ago by a bi-partisan coalition of policymakers to ensure that people who are in need never have to struggle to find food. This assault may be a sneak attack – cloaked in appealing rhetoric that hides an insidious truth – pulling the rug out from under those who are trying to get back on their feet.

As a national leader in the anti-hunger field with over 30 years of experience as the Jewish Response to Hunger, we are bracing for a fight unlike anything in the past. It is imperative that the Jewish community rally its collective will and stand up for the values that have shaped us as committed activists for social justice. 

These issues are complex and much will be done to try to confuse the American public. In the coming weeks, MAZON will provide you with the truth through a series on SNAP, including: a rationale for why the federal government must respond to hunger, a baseline understanding of SNAP, and the reality behind any harmful proposals and how they will actually impact our communities. 

We will offer you opportunities to engage in our democratic process and to join us in ensuring that our government does not fail in its commitment to us all – including the most vulnerable among us. 

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