March 17, 2017

Statement: MAZON Responds to the White House's "Skinny Budget" Proposal

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LOS ANGELES, CA (March 17, 2017)— Abby J. Leibman, president and CEO at MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, today issued this statement in response to the White House release of its “skinny budget:”  

“Today, the White House released its ‘Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,’ which proposes to pay for $54 billion in increased defense spending by enacting the largest cuts to domestic programs in more than fifty years.

“By systematically cutting programs that support poor people, this budget proposal sends a very clear and troubling message: that those Americans who struggle economically—including veterans and their families, home-bound seniors, and those who live in rural communities—are simply expendable for this Administration. Rather than addressing the very real needs of vulnerable people who have been left behind in the economic recovery, the cuts in this budget put recovery even further out of their reach.

“We are well aware that this proposal addresses only discretionary programs—those that are funded by Congress each year through the appropriations process. In mid-May, the President will release his more comprehensive budget, which will include his recommendations for funding of our nation’s safety net. We are apprehensive that this “skinny budget” is a chilling prelude of deep cuts to essential programs like SNAP, which has been proven to be both vital and effective in moving families out of poverty. We know that across America, millions of families are waiting with growing anxiety to learn the fate of the lifelines on which they rely to feed and care for their families.”