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MAZON Op-ed in JTA

This week, families around the country will celebrate Thanksgiving amid a new and devastating reality. While our celebrations might look and feel different than other years, many of us will likely recall our blessings in new ways as well. Food on the table will have heightened meaning, as we know that millions of Americans are struggling to feed themselves and their families every day.


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MAZON Op-ed in Military Times

Gabriel is no stranger to hunger. In fact, he and his fellow Marines at a California base regularly rely on nearby food pantries to help feed their families.



Members of Congress Say Only Intense Pressure Will Force Lawmakers to Alleviate Nation’s Hunger Crisis

As the pandemic deepens the nation’s hunger crisis, MAZON’s Jewish Clergy Justice Mission features plenary sessions with Reps. McGovern and Schakowsky.


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The Biden Harris Administration Must Make Hunger a Priority

MAZON extends its congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, and urges them to immediately address the critical issue of unprecedented hunger.


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This Veterans Day: Confronting Veteran Food Insecurity

This Veterans Day, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage America, its impact on the millions of military veterans who need assistance to put food on the table has reached crisis proportions. MAZON is confronting this crisis through Congressional advocacy and several joint educational and training initiatives with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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Addressing Hunger Must Remain Top Priority for Policymakers

While there may be uncertainty about the final election results, MAZON will continue to fight for the 80 million Americans facing hunger — not judge them, but support them; not blame them, but encourage them; not vilify them, but empower them.


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By The Numbers: COVID-19 and Hunger

Before COVID-19, there were nearly 40 million people facing food insecurity. Now, with skyrocketing unemployment, we expect that there are over 80 million people at risk of hunger, and the numbers are still rising.


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MAZON Briefing Addresses Growing Hunger Among Military Families

MAZON partnered with the National Military Family Association (NMFA) to convene a briefing with Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA), Rep. Don Young (R-AK) and others, urging the Senate Armed Services Committee to address the growing problem of hunger among U.S. military families.


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Strengthening Food Security and Sovereignty in Indian Country — Today, and Every Day

At MAZON, we are proud of our longtime allyship with partners in Indian Country. We are inspired by their leadership, and we are more committed than ever to strengthen Tribes’ sovereignty so they can ensure the health, safety, and wellness of their people.


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North Carolina Faith Leaders Urge Senator Tillis to Address Military Hunger

MAZON convened a powerful group of over 50 faith community leaders in North Carolina in sending a strong message to Senator Thom Tillis: support military families who struggle with hunger.


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