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MAZON Announces New Quick Reaction Fund

Short-Term Funding to Anti-Hunger Advocates Helps Efforts to Protect Americans Struggling with Hunger


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Native Hunger, Native Advocacy

Hunger in Native American communities is prevalent and staggering, but MAZON is partnering with advocates who are working towards a brighter future.


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Tips for Effectively Engaging Elected Officials at Public Meetings

Town hall meetings and other public forums offer important opportunities to ask Members of Congress questions about their position on anti-hunger policy issues and encourage their support for proposals to help end hunger in the United States.


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MAZON Condemns Chairman Mike Conaway's Blocking of Amendment to Help Military Families

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger condemns the recent action by House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway to block an amendment that would correct an unintended barrier preventing military families from accessing SNAP benefits.


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National Jewish Organization Letter on Senate Health Care Bill

As a Jewish organization, we could not stand idly by in the health care debate.


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MAZON Responds to the U.S. Senate Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017


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SNAP Series #5: Looking Forward

In order to prepare for a stronger future, we must find the common ground and look forward, together.


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MAZON Launches New Strategic Initiative

During the month of May, we recognized Older Americans Month by focusing our attention on food insecure seniors. While May is over, our work for seniors is nowhere close to finished.



MAZON Responds to the White House’s Budget Proposal

A budget should reflect our values and priorities as a nation. This budget betrays our basic American principle of taking care of those in need.


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The Many Faces of Senior Hunger

In this final week of Older Americans Month, we will be honoring the diverse experiences of Older Americans by exploring the various circumstances that contribute to senior hunger and engaging with those who work with us to combat it.


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