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2018 Farm Bill: State of Play

Negotiations are underway in D.C. on the 2018 Farm Bill. Threats to SNAP loom large over the debates.


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MAZON Strongly Supports the Bi-Cameral Military Hunger Prevention Act

This bill will help more military families struggling with food insecurity qualify for SNAP.



#MAZONontheroad: National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference

MAZON headed to Washington, D.C. to discuss all things hunger and meet with legislators on Capitol Hill.


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MAZON Launches D.C. Ad Campaign to Call Out President’s Budget Proposal

Bus shelters around Washington, D.C. feature MAZON's statement on the proposal, which poses harmful threats to SNAP.


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On That “Harvest Box”

This outrageous and ill-conceived idea must not distract us from our mandate of protecting SNAP.


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MAZON Condemns Trump’s Budget Proposal as a "Moral Disgrace"

President Trump’s budget proposal will hurt tens of millions of low-income families and increase hunger in America.


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MAZON Launches Billboard Campaign to Oppose Drug Testing in Wisconsin

Get Pissed Wisconsin is an urgent campaign to protect local access to SNAP.


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MAZON Responds to USDA’s 2018 Farm Bill Legislative Principles

The legislative principles issued by the USDA have concerning implications for the 2018 Farm Bill.


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We don’t have to read between the lines to know what comes next

With the passing of this horrific tax bill, Republicans in Congress now think they’ve cleared the way for the massive cuts they’ve wanted for so long.


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Now, I belong.

Over the years, I slowly began to feel a desire to create a life where accepting difference and expressing thought were freely and often spoken about


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