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Child Nutrition Reauthorization: What You Won't See On the Nightly News

As Congress begins its post summer work, the debate and consideration of the reauthorization of our nation's child nutrition programs has also begun. Not surprisingly, their process seems both confusing and a bit secretive. 


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Summer Camp and Social Justice: A Recipe for Tikkun Olam

When I returned to my beloved Camp Alonim this summer to teach 10-12 year olds about hunger, I was excited to pass on the incredible gift I was given so many years ago.


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Solving Senior Hunger: Thoughts on What Works

Through our Solutions to Senior Hunger Initiative, we have learned several key strategies that can make a significant difference in the lives of seniors in need.



MAZON files Amicus Curiae brief in The American Legion et al. v. McDonald

Providing access to food is the least this nation owes to its returning and injured soldiers.


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Can you feed yourself for a day for $4.00?


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We will never food bank our way out of hunger

Among the myths about hunger in America frequently repeated is the notion that it is better for local charities to feed people, not the government. 


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The Fifth Question

As a mom, I spend a lot of time thinking about what my daughter eats. And if I stop thinking about it, even for just a minute, she reminds me! 


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Let All Who are Hungry, Come and Eat

Each year on Passover, before we tell the story of the exodus from Egypt, before we ask the four questions or drink our four glasses of wine, before we make a Hillel sandwich or recount the ten plagues, before any of this, we hold up a piece of matzah and we say: Ha Lachma Anya.


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Rural Work: Hunger Among Native American Communities


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Solutions to Senior Hunger

Our SSH partners conducted over 600 outreach events to raise awareness about SNAP and helped nearly 1,500 clients apply for food benefits that will help alleviate poor nutrition, hunger and food insecurity among older adults.


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