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House Farm Bill vote May112018

MAZON’s CEO Reacts to Defeat of the House Farm Bill

This is a huge victory for millions of families who would have been devastated by the cuts to SNAP proposed by House Republicans.


War of Words

War of Words: Decoding the Rhetoric About SNAP

We've taken the liberty of providing a glossary of terms so you can know what politicians really mean when SNAP is under attack.



MAZON Delivers Jewish Clergy Sign-On Letter to Members of Congress

The letter, which calls on Members of Congress to protect SNAP in the Farm Bill, was signed by nearly 700 Jewish clergy from across the country.


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Republican SNAP Proposals Will Disproportionately Impact Indian Country

The draft Farm Bill's proposals for cuts to SNAP disregard the needs of Native American communities.


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Why Does the Farm Bill Hurt the People it is Meant to Help?

By eliminating broad-based categorical eligibility, the House Farm Bill draft punishes families who are already working to lift themselves out of poverty.


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The Ryan-Conaway Farm Bill Will Make Seniors Sicker

The draft Farm Bill undermines SNAP, meaning that we’ll have sicker and poorer Americans as they reach retirement age.


Ashley MilitaryHunger blog

Farm Bill Proposal Gets Military Food Stamp Policy Wrong

This bill includes proposals that threaten to pull the rug out from under millions of Americans, among them thousands of currently serving members of our nation's armed forces.


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The 2018 Farm Bill Will Disproportionately Harm Single Mothers

Make no mistake: Those most affected by the harsh proposals in this Farm Bill will be women—specifically single mothers.


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So I Hear the Farm Bill Is Bad...But How Bad Is It?

MAZON offers a breakdown of how the proposed changes in the draft Farm Bill could have devastating impacts on the lives of millions of Americans.


Mollie Edited

2018 Farm Bill Will Harm Real People

The draft 2018 Farm Bill is a cruel and misguided proposal that will imperil older Americans already struggling to make ends meet.


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