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Farm Bill Update V2

MAZON Labels Passage of H.R. 2 a ‘Failure of Leadership’

The narrow vote by House Republicans represents poor leadership and a lack of concern for the American people.


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MAZON Calls Proposal for ‘Department of Health and Public Welfare’ a First Strike

The White House’s plan for restructuring is a clear move towards their goal of doing away with social safety net programs.


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The Compassion Deficit – Why are the hungriest states the most hostile to public benefits?

MAZON's Program Officer Alexis Miller shares her findings from some of the most food-insecure parts of the country.


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MAZON Announces 2018 Emerging Advocacy Fund Grantee Partners

This year's cohort of grantee partners will engage in critical anti-hunger advocacy efforts across the United States.


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MAZON Gratified by Senate Proposal for 2018 Farm Bill

The Senate Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 effectively balances the needs of all those impacted by this law.


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How Does the Farm Bill Become Law? Our 10-Step Guide

With the Farm Bill reauthorization process underway, here’s a quick refresher to explain how the Farm Bill becomes law.


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MAZON’S Inaugural Rabbinic Justice Mission Brings Rabbis to the U.S. Capitol to Urge Lawmakers to Protect SNAP

The delegation was part of MAZON's efforts to inspire and empower Jewish leaders to engage in anti-hunger advocacy.


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MAZON’s CEO Reacts to Defeat of the House Farm Bill

This is a huge victory for millions of families who would have been devastated by the cuts to SNAP proposed by House Republicans.


War of Words

War of Words: Decoding the Rhetoric About SNAP

We've taken the liberty of providing a glossary of terms so you can know what politicians really mean when SNAP is under attack.



MAZON Delivers Jewish Clergy Sign-On Letter to Members of Congress

The letter, which calls on Members of Congress to protect SNAP in the Farm Bill, was signed by nearly 700 Jewish clergy from across the country.


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