How Does My Organization Become a MAZON Grantee?

Organizations are invited to apply for MAZON funding on an annual basis. Only those that receive an invitation may apply. 

We are always interested in learning about new partnership opportunities. If your organization is engaged in anti-hunger advocacy work at the local, state or national level, we encourage you to contact us. If your work is aligned with our funding priorities, you may be invited to apply for a grant. 

We are particularly interested in learning about:

Work we Fund

We fund anti-hunger advocacy work at the local, state and national level. Here are some examples: 

Policy-Level Examples:

Organization-Level Examples:

Public-Education-Level Examples: 

Work we do not Fund

We do not fund organizations that only advocate on behalf of the clients they serve. (For example, helping clients access benefits or fill out applications for programs such as SNAP and WIC.)

We do not fund international groups, with the exception of Israel-based organizations.