Quick Reaction Fund

Now more than ever, MAZON recognizes the need for anti-hunger movement leaders to respond quickly to pressing issues that will disproportionally impact the lives of food insecure people. MAZON’s Quick Reaction Fund (QRF) addresses this need by providing assistance for special initiatives and actions around the country that may emerge at a moment’s notice and for which a targeted and strategic action will result in a meaningful response.



To protect vital government programs that support the most vulnerable Americans and elevate the voices of those working to end hunger by providing financial resources to energize a quick and immediate response to time sensitive opportunities or challenges.



Grant applications must meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding from MAZON’s Quick Reaction Fund: 



The QRF will support            

  • Unanticipated, time-sensitive, innovative, and bold initiatives in anti-hunger advocacy
  • Actions in response to unforeseen legislation, political development, or public attack
  • Targeted media in response to state or national events
  • Travel funds for community leaders and constituents to attend a newly-organized day of action on a pressing anti-hunger issue


  • The QRF will not support            


  • Budgeting shortfalls in long-term program or general operating revenues
  • Organizations that have received Quick Reaction Fund grants within 
    the last 6 months
  • Endowments or capital campaigns
  • Direct service initiatives
  • Religious or electoral activities
  • Academic studies or reports
  • Disaster relief
  • International events or campaigns
  • Participation in or organization of recurring annual events such as a Hunger Action Day


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To submit a request, please complete the online application and submit the following documents:

Why a Quick Reaction Fund?

MAZON remains committed to ensuring that vulnerable people have access to the resources they need to be able to put food on the table. We continue to promote advocacy as the most powerful way to create change that has a lasting effect on the lives of millions of people. 

However, our nation has entered a new and exceptionally uncertain time. The programs that comprise the federal nutrition safety net are especially vulnerable, facing their greatest threat since they were established more than 50 years ago. Actions at the state level will take on additional import in light of many of these threats.  These new challenges motivate us to expand our repertoire of potential responses. For more than 30 years, MAZON has supported advocates across the country on an annual grantmaking cycle. In the current environment, our Quick Reaction Fund allows advocates of all types to be nimble, so they can take advantage of opportunities that may arise at a moment’s notice.


Please contact Program Officer, Alexis Miller.