2018 Farm Bill Priorities

For generations, the Farm Bill has served as a shining example of bipartisanship and a holistic approach to a broad range of issues for our nation’s food and land systems. It was conceived and enacted as a comprehensive legislative measure that balances the priorities and needs of those who produce food with those who consume it.  

MAZON's Priorities

It is critical that the 2018 Farm Bill continue to be comprehensive in its scope, with bipartisan support for provisions and adequate funding to meet its diverse priorities, including the essential needs of the most vulnerable.

Although the Farm Bill represents less than one percent of the federal budget, those who decry the swelling federal deficit see it as an easy target for cuts. Especially ripe for slashing are those programs that are funded by the nutrition, SNAP the largest among them. But weakening SNAP will worsen the problem of hunger, not help end it.

At the most basic level, MAZON believes the 2018 Farm Bill should do no harm and make an even greater contribution toward the goal of ending hunger, not add to the problem. This means:

  • Protecting against hunger by strengthening SNAP and other essential federal nutrition assistance programs
  • Increasing access to affordable, nutritious food for vulnerable populations support good nutrition and health   

Click here to read the full details of MAZON's 2018 Farm Bill Priorities.

Downloadable Resources

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Quick Facts About Hunger (pdf)
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Infographic - Hunger Stats (pdf)
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Infographic - SNAP (pdf)

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