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This Is Hunger


MAZON has a long tradition of engaging the American Jewish community as well as anti-hunger organizations to become catalysts for the change we need to end hunger in America. We know all too well that there are persistent myths about hunger in America, about who is hungry and why. Until our nation recognizes the profound prevalence of hunger here at home, we will never be able to rally the political will required to end it.

That’s why, in November 2016, MAZON launched the public tour of This Is Hunger, a powerful community engagement program that will encourage individuals to embark on a journey— one that will challenge their beliefs about who in America struggles with hunger and why and empower them to take action. 

This Is Hunger will visit more than 30 states during its 16 month nationwide tour.  


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About the Experience

This Is Hunger is a high-impact, experiential installation on wheels—literally, it’s a big rig. When the 53-foot-long double expandable trailer is parked and open on both sides, it provides almost 1,000 square feet of interior space to take participants on a voyage of awareness and activism: to help them understand the stark reality of hunger in America and to spark their commitment to taking action that will help end hunger once and for all.

1) Part One: Illuminate—Participants enter the truck and are invited to sit at a communal table to meet, virtually, real people struggling with hunger. Portraits are projected at each end of the table, one by one, as they share their stories in their own voices and in their own words.

2) Part Two: Advocate—At the end of Part One: Illuminate, participants are invited to engage in activities and experiences to deepen their awareness about the complexities of being hungry and to join MAZON in educating the rest of our nation and advocating for change.


Visit the Truck!

This Is Hunger will be on the road for 10 months starting in Fall 2016. Free tickets are available hereCome visit us in: 

Greater Los Angeles Area (November 16 - December 15) 


Phoenix (January 2 - 3)
Tucson (January 5 - 8)
Dallas (January 11 - 15)
Atlanta (January 18 - 22)
Miami (January 25 - February 5)
Greater Washington D.C. Area (February 8 - 21)
Baltimore (February 24 - 28)
Greater Philadelphia Area (March 5 - 20)
New Jersey (March 21 - April 5)
New York Area (April 12 - 30)
Connecticut (May 1 - 10)
Boston (May 12 - 16)
Nashua, NH (May 18 - 21)
Detroit (May 24 - 31)
Cleveland (June 2 - 6)
Chicago (June 12 - 20)
Milwaukee (June 22 - 25)
Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul (June 27 - 30)
St. Louis (July 5 - 7)
Overland Park (July 9 - 13)
Tulsa (July 15 - 18)
Fayetteville (July 22-26)

*Dates are subject to change

Bring This Is Hunger to your Community

This Is Hunger is a compelling experience that combines community outreach, civic engagement, education and advocacy. By hosting This Is Hunger, your organization has a unique opportunity to highlight your position as a social justice leader in your community and substantively affect the anti-hunger debate locally and nationally by hosting members of the Jewish community, students, nonprofit professionals, media, civic leaders, Members of Congress and more. 

Interested? Email for more information. 

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Stories in Action

This Is Hunger stories have been featured in Congress and various reports. 

The Library of Congress: Congressional Record | September 19, 2013

Nourishing Change: Fulfilling the Right to Food in the United States | International Human Rights Clinic, NYU School of Law | May 2013
Sufficient, nutritious food is a basic human right for all Americans. 

About the Creative Team

Michelle Stuffmann, MAZON’s Director of Outreach and Communications, led an extraordinary team to bring This Is Hunger from concept to fruition:

Barbara Grover | Photographer & Documentarian
Barbara is a renowned documentary photographer and Ernst Haas award winner who has traveled to more than 40 countries to give a face – and a voice – to the homeless, refugees, and children of war, breaking down stereotypes and distilling complex issues into compelling human narratives.

Marni Gittleman | Creative Director / Principal Concept & Content Developer
Marni is recognized for conceiving and producing exhibits, programs and community galvanizing events that meaningfully engage, inform, affect and inspire.

Gail Greenberg | Principal Designer
Gail has more than 20 years of experience in design and construction of interactive museum exhibitions and architectural interiors

Chris Green | Multimedia Show Developer / Production Designer
Chris is the mastermind behind Chris Green Kinetics, an award-winning design collective dedicated to innovative, time-based experiences for a broad public.

Karen Snider | Project Manager / Developer
Karen Snider is a museum consultant specializing in interactive exhibitions, master-planning and exhibition development with clients nationwide.

View the full list of creative team members here