Mazon | A Jewish Response To Hunger

A Jewish response to hunger is ending it for good.
In a land of plenty, there should be plenty for everyone.
Regardless of circumstance, no one deserves to be hungry.
We’re fighting hunger. It doesn’t stand a chance.

There is no invisible line marking the boundaries of need. Hunger has not one face, but multiple. MAZON channels support from the Jewish community to end hunger in every community — a recognition that struggle is universal, and that human connection runs deep.

Our Mission

Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national organization fighting to end hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

Ending hunger means working toward systemic change.

We advance policy solutions that confront hunger's root causes, particularly for populations and problems that have been previously overlooked or ignored. This includes hunger among military families, veterans, single mothers, Native Americans, and LGBTQ seniors.

This is Hunger

“I barely make ends meet. I don’t use the lights during the day, and I don’t buy as much food as I’d like.”

“Feeding my young grandson properly is the priority, so I have to find things that I know fill me up.”

“I’m doing all I can and serving my country, and I have to worry about how I’m going to buy food?”

“I had planned to work until I wasn’t able to anymore. I thought that after working hard all my life, I’d be living the good life now.”

“Eating better, has really changed my life. I used to be on about eight I'm only taking two pills.”

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News & Events

Following Executive Action to Review Public Charge Rule, Anti-Hunger Advocates Applaud President Biden’s Commitment to Prioritizing Basic Human Needs

MAZON applauds President Biden’s decision to review the harmful “public charge” rule, and calls for a renewed response from the federal government to support the most hungry and vulnerable in this country. Read more.

MAZON and Others Sue Trump Administration for Stripping Religious Freedom Protections for Vulnerable Americans

MAZON and our partners filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration for its illegal regulations stripping freedom of religious protections for those seeking critical services, including food assistance. Read more.

MAZON’s Values and Vision for Ending Hunger

The incoming Biden-Harris Administration and 117th Congress have an unenviable job of trying to put this country back together, after four years of destruction and dismantling of America’s social safety net programs. MAZON urges our leaders in government to prioritize solutions to address the growing food insecurity crisis Read more.

Double the Impact of Your Purim Gift

Fulfill the Purim mitzvot by sending Purim e-cards that support MAZON’s efforts to end hunger. To boost your donation’s impact, all Purim gifts will be doubled by the Gene & Marlele Epstein Humanitarian Fund, up to $10,000.

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