By the Numbers


Amount that the average SNAP recipient receives per meal.

Every SNAP dollar

generates between $1.50 and $1.80 in economic activity.

1 in 8 Americans

now use SNAP to buy their groceries. SNAP grew by 17% in the first three months of COVID-19.

This is Hunger

“The food stamps we get aren’t enough to feed four people for a month. It makes me feel sad that my parents sometimes feed us kids and not themselves.”

“When my food stamps run out, it’s kinda scary not knowing if I'm gonna have any money to eat tomorrow.”

"I make sure that my son eats and then I worry about myself. That’s just what a parent does. I take him to a lunch program to make sure he’s getting food."

Take Action

Tell President Biden: Convene a 21st Century White House Conference on Ending Hunger

The Biden-Harris Administration must bring together advocates, policymakers, those with lived experience, academics, and other stakeholders to devise 21st century solutions to ending hunger in America.

Learn more

Congress Must Increase Funding for SNAP (Washington Post)

Abby J. Leibman, MAZON’s President & CEO, has a letter to the editor in the Washington Post about the Nov. 22 front-page article “Thanksgiving tenacity: ‘They can’t eat a gift card’.” Read More

By The Numbers: COVID-19 and Hunger

Before COVID-19, there were nearly 40 million people facing food insecurity. Now, with skyrocketing unemployment, we expect that there are over 80 million people at risk of hunger, and the numbers are still rising. Read more.

The U.S. Government’s Failed COVID-19 Response Echoes Historic Mistreatment of Native Americans

The U.S. government’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts across the country, but perhaps nowhere more than in Indian Country, where the neglect echoes historic mistreatment of Native Americans, experts said in a recent panel event hosted by MAZON. The panel, which coincided with Native American Heritage Month, featured experts in this field and addressed various ways to strengthen food security and food sovereignty in Indian Country. Read more.

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