Educational Materials

This suite of materials can supplement and enhance your educational programming — whether it’s in a classroom, synagogue, summer camp, book club, or other community setting. Browse our educational materials below and contact Naama Haviv, Vice President of Community Engagement, for more information.

Hunger In America
Know the Facts: Hunger in America is a new resource for teachers, congregations, or anyone who wants to learn more about what hunger looks like today.
K-12 Curriculum
MAZON has created activities for every grade level, to engage students of all ages in our work to end hunger. These materials can be used for individuals, synagogues, schools, and community groups.
This Is Hunger Facilitator's Guide
MAZON's This Is Hunger Facilitator's Guide includes step-by-step directions for how to bring this program to your classroom or community, including follow-up activities.
Choose Your Response to Hunger
A "Would You Rather" activity comparing charitable and social justice responses to hunger. How will you end hunger?
Make a Meal for Julie
Try to make a nutritious meal for your family, and then learn if that meal would be possible to purchase on a SNAP budget.
Make a Meal for Joaquin
Try to make a nutritious meal you'd like to eat, then learn if that meal would be possible to purchase on a SNAP budget.
Advocacy Selfie Signs
Print and pose with these anti-hunger selfie signs, but don't stop there! Get creative to spread your message by posting photos on social media, sharing in a newsletter bulletin, and sending them to legislators.
SNAP Impact Infographic
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) assists those who need it most. Learn more about how SNAP assists those in need and fuels the economy.
Advocacy Infographic
Advocacy is easier than you might think. Share this infographic as part of a communal exhibit, feature it on a classroom wall, or include it in a presentation to illustrate the importance of seeking policy solutions to end hunger.

Take Action

Urge Congress to Address Food Insecurity Among LGBTQ Older Adults

Congress must designate LGBTQ older adults as a population of “Greatest Social Need” to increase funding for LGBTQ-inclusive programs and help target local services to this population. Take action now.

Make a gift to MAZON’s Spotlight Fund

Your partnership allows MAZON to be the national Jewish voice dedicated to fighting hunger, particularly for those facing hunger whose struggles are too often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we have made a commitment to shine a spotlight on those issues and populations where larger organizations and the government have yet to turn their focus.

Your support of MAZON’s Spotlight Fund helps us fight hunger, particularly for those who are often over-looked, disregarded, or discounted. Together, we shine a spotlight on issues of food insecurity among military families, veterans, Native Americans, single mothers, LGBTQ seniors, college students, and the people of Puerto Rico and the territories. Your gift today strengthens this mission and helps to build a community dedicated to ending hunger for everyone. Join us.

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